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Cell Press Journal Cover
IUBS_Centenary_Webinar_Lecture_3_Jane Go
Meteorite Strikes Data Visualization
Mary E. Owen: Logo and Branding
Journal of Experimental Medicine Cover Art

Gut-associated cGMP mediates colitis and dysbiosis in a mouse model of an activating mutation in GUCY2C

Venki Ramakrishnan Talk Poster
IUBS_Centenary_Webinar_Lecture_3_Jane _G
Indian Council of Medical Research

Cover page of the 'National Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical and Health Research Involving Human Participants (2017)

Antibody translational Research - HIV an
Virology _ THSTI - Finding the gap in th
Signalling across space and time

Cover page of the 'Journal of the Indian Institute of Science', Springer

10 iconic women in Indian Science poster
IUBS Centenary Webinar Lecture Poster
Understanding TB & Going for the Kill
Innovation in Diagnostics of Infectious
Connect Sept 2016

Connect Sept. 2016 issue. 'Startups: Entrepreneurship at IISc'

Model Systems

Spoorthi- Book Illustrations, Layout and Design

Plugging the leaky pipeline
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